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How does the process work?
YaoFlowers flowers are sent to you directly from the fields, which ensures that you are receiving th

How can your prices be so good?
YaoFlowers' success has been based on a simple, but revolutionary idea - ship flowers directly to yo

Who should receive flowers and what should they receive?
Bride - Bouquet Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid – Bouquet Junior Bridesmaid - Petite Hand Tied Bouq

Can I change the color of the ribbons?
At this time we are unable to customize ribbon color. Our design specialists have chosen the most po

Can I buy just stems or just one bouquet?
We do not sell our gorgeous flowers by the stem or in bulk nor are our collections sold by the piece

Can I tell you what I want my bouquet to look like?
Our arrangements are offered in the styles shown. We always allow the bridal bouquet to be a separat

What happens if my flowers do not arrive, or if they are not perfect?
We guarantee your satisfaction. To ensure you're happy with the flowers, we have a double back-up sy

How will my flowers stay fresh if they arrive before my wedding?
YaoFlowers ships its flowers directly to you. This means they get to you faster and fresher than flo

What do I do when I receive the flowers?
For the most beautiful wedding flowers, we recommend the following: Have someone be home fo

Can I leave the flowers in the box?
To ensure that your flowers look their best, do not leave your wedding flowers in the box when they

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