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Kuitun Flowers & Gifts

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12 red carnations
10'',The goods from fresh milk, chocolate, fruits, pulp and other materials
10'',Cake, fruit, chocolate
7 yellow roses, 7 champagne roses, 7 red roses

5 white Lilium
21 white roses
12 Purple roses,a lovely bear
One Box of Chocolate,6 red roses,2 white lilium

66 red roses
9 red roses
21 Pink Roses with heart-shaped
9 yellow daisies

9 red roses,2 white lilies
10'',Fresh milk, fruit, chocolate
66 champagne roses
2 white lilium,9 red roses

66 champagne roses,Pearl decoration
50 Red carnations
66 pink roses, a gold leaf on the bar
33 Pink roses with green foliages

99 red roses
10'',Fresh milk, chocolate
10'',Fresh milk, chocolate
365 red roses,baby's breath surounding

33 Red Roses with rich Eucalyptus
66 red roses
11 White(light yellow) roses
10'', Ice cream, milk

22 Red Rose, 77 White Roses
3 pink lilium
20 Purple roses,a lovely bear
3 pink lilies

6 red roses,12 champagne carnation
22 pink roses,4 white liles,4 flamingo flowers
66 red roses
12 pink carnations

19 Purple Roses with green foliages
48 Pink Roses,51 Champagne Roses,1 Cute Bear
10'',Fresh milk, fruit, chocolate
66 pink roses with heart-shaped

3 white Lilium
9 white roses
12 Pink Roses,6 White Lilium
99 Purple roses with baby's breath

6 white roses
12'',Fresh milk cake
33 red roses, rich gold leaf
6 pink carnations,6 purple carnations,6 Lace Carnation

19 red roses,3 red Lilium
66 purple roses,a lovely bear
12 pink rose
8 yellow carnations,4 pink common snapdragon,5 peach roses,10 Iris

66 Roses,heart-shaped with Basket
6 red roses
1 white lily,12 red daisies,8 orange roses
36 Purple roses

11 pink roses
33 Red roses
10'',Ice cream, milk, fruit
21 Purple roses with baby's breath and green foliages

33 Red Roses,Fugui Bamboo, White Carnations
10'',Ice cream, chocolate, fruits, milk, nuts
10'',Ice cream, milk, chocolate, fruit, nuts
11 Blue roses with baby's breath